Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I got styled!

I finally got some mojo back into my wardrobe, thanks to Anne of Stylist of Sorts!
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Since moving into my new career and adjusting to the commute, the laptop, the schedule, and really the psychology needed to run a 30-plus-person team, I'd been letting my wardrobe go. Just no time and headspace to do it! So when Anne and I met and offered her styling expertise, I was super excited to do it. After getting our schedules to mesh, our shopping trip finally pushed through.

Four hours of shopping is TIRING, lol. I told Anne I wanted easy-to-wear pieces that I could mix and match without thought, and having her advise me really helped to focus and pick out the stuff we got. I realize I tend to gravitate toward this idealized version of myself that wears kind of retro, A-line silhouettes and prints, which in reality is how I look like 10% of the time -- dressing like that takes work and effort! Anne steered me toward functional, tailored and more sophisticated pieces -- stuff I could wear to work without feeling underdressed or sloppy.

She also opened up my options: I never thought I could wear drawstring trousers or white pants or even an all-white ensemble until she showed me they look fresh, cool and definitely chic!

Plus we also updated my make up kit with a couple of awesome buys: NARS Orgasm blush and K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo eyebrow eyeliner.

Wanna see we got and how Anne styled me? Check out Stylist of Sorts now!


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