Some blogs and websites that I turn to for style inspiration:

Mighty Girl - Love this brightly colored blog by San Francisco-based Maggie Berry. Her Packing Light features are super awesome, with great tips and tricks for traveling anywhere with minimum baggage and maximum style. The fashion she features on herself and her friends are full of that easy, friendly, poppy beauty that I can't resist.

Tom and Lorenzo - God bless TLo, a New York couple who write about anything from TV shows to magazine covers, and always about style. I almost always agree with their critiques, and when I don't I can see their point, because they write in this thoughtful, articulate way that's refreshing in a sea of all-caps rants and exaggerations. (Although their bitchy bon mots are excellent too!)

Sea of Shoes - Jane Aldridge, Texan wunderkind, with her amazingly eclectic sense of style and jawdropping collection of beautiful shoes. I can't pull off her flair for dramatic ensembles, but I like to visit her blog for the unbridled creativity.

Lauren Luke - The taxi-dispatcher-turned-beauty-maven posts excellent YouTube make up tutorials on anything from using bright green eyeshadow to replicating Rihanna's newest video look. Her teaching style is down-to-earth and very clear, so it's easy to follow.

PurseBuzz - Want to wear your hair differently but don't know where to start? Point your mouse to PurseBuzz. Her hair tutorials are super easy to do, and her perky style cheers you up. - Daphne Oseña Paez is a TV personality who radiates class and grace. Her style recommendations and tips are great, but her posts on motherhood are even better. Taken together, she's an inspiration to any mom seeking a balance between 'me' and 'them.'

The Plump Pinay - Stylish twin sisters Stacy and Danah inspire similarly luscious Pinays that it's OK to love - and celebrate! - your body at whatever size.

Gigi Goes Gaga - Check out Gigi's make up and clothes picks on her Stuff column (left on her page), where she exhibits singular taste. The insightful and personal blog posts are a fabulous bonus.


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